Staff Nurse

Staff Nurse

verifiedwork outline icon3 - 5 Years of Experiencerupess outline icon2.00L - 3.00L  Per Annumtime outline iconFull Time

FIMS Hospital, Coimbatore

time outline iconCoimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Posted on 22-05-2024


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  • The Staff Nurse is the first level professional Nurse in the hospital set up. Therefore by appearance and by word she will be professional at all time.
  • She will be skilled nurse, giving expert bed side care to patient and executing special technical duties in the special areas like operation theatres, intensive care unit, highly dependent unit etc.
  • She also act as ‘de facto’ sister as and when situation arises in the ward or department.


  • She will assess the needs of the patients in the ward and make nursing care plan for all patients consulting with ward sister.
  • She will give direct patient care (bed making, changing of bed sheets, mouth care, back care, bed bathing, hair wash, changing of position etc) and allotted care to her by the ward sister.
  • She will fulfil all basic needs (hygienic need, nutritional need etc) of the patients.
  • She will provide comfort to the patient and maintain safety of the patient.
  • She will take over the charge from duty nurse of previous shift, regarding patients (bed to bed), instrument supplies, drugs etc. and handed over the same to the next shift.
  • To lay out the trolley according to operation list.
  • To prepare the trolley of anaesthesia.
  • To check Oxygen, Carbon dioxide, Nitrous Oxide, emergency drugs, crush trolley etc & keep them ready at hand.
  • To carry out the instruction of O.T. Sister when necessary.
  • To assist the Surgeon and Anaesthetic in operation theatre.
  • To count all instruments and mops before closing the wounds.
  • To monitor the condition and take care of patient during operation, and post operatively in recovery room.
  • To act as O.T. Sister in her absence.
  •  To fumigate the O.T. room periodically.


  • She will be responsible -To provide antenatal, intra-natal, post natal care as taught in nursing curriculum.
  • Labour Room Management –
  • To carbolise the labour room daily.
  • To autoclave necessary instruments gloves, linen, equipments, etc. of the unit.
  • To keep ready the confinement trolley & episiotomy tray, forceps tray etc.
  • To keep ready emergency drugs, fluids, equipment's, Boyle’s apparatus and other necessary gadgets.
  • To keep ready the baby resuscitation table, warmer, 02, pre warmed linens etc. for resuscitation of the new born.
  • To check all electrical points are in working condition.
  • To assess the progress of labour by using partograph.
  • To assist the doctors in any procedure the labour room.
  • To supervise the students and ancillary staffs.
  • To conduct normal delivery and provide care to the new born. XI. To resuscitate newborn if needed.
  • To repair episiotomy wounds accordance the laid down policy of the hospital.
  • To carry out the duties as instructed by the unit in-charge.
  • To follow the waste management protocol.
  • To maintain Log book properly.


  • To maintain the prepared standard protocol of asepsis strictly.
  • To maintain the hand washing protocol, dress protocol as prescribed.
  • To autoclave and disinfect necessary articles, instruments, linen, gadgets, equipment's, etc. and keep ready for use.
  • To check all electrical points, pipe line 02, in built suckers for proper working condition.
  • To communicate with concerned person for proper maintenance of unit.
  • To carry out the instructions of the sister-in-charge as allocated by her.
  • To prepare the drugs, crash trolley, etc. properly.
  • To check Oxygen, Carbon dioxide, Nitrous Oxide etc. for proper use.
  • To check monitor, ventilator, all life saving gadgets for proper working condition.
  • To provide special care to the patient guided by the Medical Officer e.g. endo-tracheal suction.
  • To fumigate the department periodically.
  • To keep records of all the procedures of the patient neatly.


  • She will ensure to make the ward clean and tidy including bed.
  • She will keep all articles well arranged and maintain the inventory.
  • She will take the report, make bed to bed round at the time of changing of the shift of the unit.
  • She will orient the new patient with ward.
  • She will help the ward sister for supervision of work of Group D allotted in the ward for maintenance of cleanliness and sanitation.
  • She will make list of patients belongings and keep in safe custody, according to laid down policy of the hospital.
  • She will keep a sub stock of drugs, linen and other supplies for ward maintenance.
  • She will maintain poisonous drugs registered.
  • She will sterilized all articles, maintain all equipment's, gadgets, electrical connections Sight, fan etc.
  • She will indent drugs, diet, and other supplies if necessary.
  • She will vigilant to protect the patient from injury or accident by providing side rail.
  • She will write report of each shift and sign the report after checking properly.
  • She will assist the ward sister in orientation programme of new staff and students.
  • She will make round with doctors and senior nursing officers.
  • She will help ward sister in indenting and checking of drugs, supplies and maintaining inventories.
  • She will be deputed for the ward sister during her absent.
  • She will keep herself up to date with nursing knowledge by taking part in -service education programme.



Preferred Education

GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery)BSc NursingDGNM (Diploma in General Nursing and Mid Wifery)MSc Critical Care Nursing

Key Skills

Emergency NursingNursingScrub NurseStaff NurseCritical Care


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