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G plus Heart Hospital & Vascular Intervention Center, Kalyan

time outline iconKalyan, Maharashtra, India

Posted on 28-11-2023


2 Vacancies


  • Reports To Administrative Officer.
  • To be part of a team providing 24 hours medical cover for all routine medical care and response to consultant request.
  • Immediate first line resuscitation to patients, visitors or staff member as required.
  • To assist in the management of patient and provide back up support to consultant.


  1. General
  • A professional approach must be adopted with patient, staff and vision.
  • Should conform to all uniform regulations as determined by the hospital and a name badge determining their designation.
  • Conform to all infection control and health & safety regulations for the hospital. Be aware of the fire evacuation procedure (or could have a general comment around induction)
  • RMOs must work within their level of experience and competence and highlight verbally and in willing to the nurse in charge if they are being asked to work outside their level of their competence
  • To provide routine and emergency medical cover working in conjunction with others RMOs if applicable.
  • To clerk and assess urgent/emergency admission and to contact the consultant with identity immediate treatment pathways.
  • To undertake a daily morning and evening ward-round with a member of the nursing team ensuring all patients are visited.
  • To record in the patient‘s notes as appropriate patient examination, communication or procedures. All entries to be signed, dated and timed.
  • To receive a hand over report form the alternative RMO/senior nurse commencing duty and to attend the ward areas between the hours of 7:30 and 9:30 each morning and evening to enable and establish consultant communication.
  • Prescribe TTO’s ready for discharge of patient for the following day in consultant and ward Manager. He/she must be available to return to the ward and department if required
  • To complete mandatory training­­– Fire, H&S. Infection control, manual handling. Child protection and vulnerable adult, information governance, preferably within the first month of employment. Evidence of this is giving to each hospital where the RMO is allocated for a contracted period.
  • To undertake further training as necessary to ensure that all development opportunities are met.
  • To carry their bleep at all time and respond to each call. The bleep will also alert for a medical emergency.
  • Acknowledge the risk of healthcare Associated Infection (HCAI) and understand own responsibility as agreed with line manager in the prevention and control of HCAI. 

    2. Consultant
  • Under no circumstance should RMOs seek consent for operations or procedure on behalf of a consultant.
  • RMOs must seek consent for any procedures that they intend to undertake. This will be clearly document in the medical records.
  • To communicate ant medical problems or concerns to consultant and senior nurse.
  • To follow instruction within their level of experience as required by consultants.
  • Maintain confidentiality to information under data protection acts and rules.

3. Duties

  • To liaise with the senior nurse regularly at least every 3-4 hours to check on patient progress , or more frequently if a patient ‘s conditions necessitates
  • Infection & prevention control
  • To attend meetings to discuss issues, incidents and accident with HOC ‘S / Nursing superintendent
  • The theatre-scrub suits will be worn on duty. Jewelry and watches should be used in accordance with hospital uniform policy (bare form the elbows down. whilst performing clinical tasks). Correct use of personal protective equipment to comply with infection control guidance.
  • RMO’s have no admitting rights to the hospital. All patients admitted will be under the care of a consultant with admitting rights to the hospital.
  • The environment will include the Wards, outpatients, theatre, diagnostic imaging pharmacy and any other clinical or non-clinical areas if appropriate.
  • No smoking is allowed in the hospital. There is a designated smoking area at the back of the hospital.
  • To countersign any drug instructions given by consultants over the telephone and satisfy prescribing requirement throughout the hospital , as requested by nursing staff (by checking their validity , safety and need ). Unclear!
  • To communicate as often as necessary with the hospital ‘ pharmacist in relation to the patient ‘s prescription and to adhere all times
  • The RMO is not allowed to self-prescribe.
  • Prescribing for staff is only permissible in an emergency


Other duties

  • Provide of first aid
  • Lead emergency team where appropriate or work with as not always beneficial to lead
  • ECG conducting and interpretation
  • PCA and epidural management
  • Good venepuncture and cannulation skills
  • Good communication and team working skills
  • IV drug preparation and administration
  • Male/female catherisation
  • Pharmaccutical knowledge
  • Taking blood and result interpretation
  • Patient cannulation
  • Insertion of contrast dye for CT & MRI
  • Emergency airways management
  • Assessment and monitoring of patient
  • Use of medical devices e.g. PCA/epidural 
  • Provide pain management in liaison with consultant



Medical Officer

Preferred Education

MBBSBAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery)BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)

Key Skills

Ability to Set GoalsAbility to Work Under PressureAccuracy