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Posted on 04-09-2023


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Qualification: Diploma / B.Sc. Nursing

Reporting To: Nursing Head

Job Summary: 

  • Assist surgeons and Anesthesiologist before, during and after surgery. 
  • Prepare operating rooms with surgical instruments, equipment, and sterile, linens that will be needed during an operation. 
  • Technicians also may prepare patients for surgery by cleaning shaving, and Disinfecting body areas where the surgeon will operating rooms.


Job Duties:

Area: Operation Theatre

  • To ensure change rooms are clean with enough supply of scrub suits/ caps/ masks for the day.
  • Take inventory of the OT where you are posted for the day.
  • Check equipment's for their functional status and ensure all the items required for the surgery to follow whether it is ready including items for anesthesia, perfusion and for surgery – instruments, dressing materials, suture materials (kept ready by the night staff) and arrange it on trolleys as required.
  • To inspect the OT equipment lights, Scrub room, dressing trolleys, scrubs stand solution, etc.
  • Circulating Nurse will help the scrub nurse to get the instruments trolley ready for the case. Give promptly all the required items. After each case accompany the patient to the recovery room or to the ICCU and endorse the patient to the assigned staff.
  • The surgical kit pre/ post-op should be checked.
  • The billing sheet to be completed to avoid confusion for overcharging/ not charging.
  • The instruments should be washed cleaned of all dried blood, and then dispatched to the CSSD.
  • Dispose all the sharps in separate hard container and send it for incineration.
  • All linens/ materials to be disposed off in appropriate color-coded liners as decided by the hospital infection control policy.
  • Prepare CSSD requisition for the following day and send by 2 pm.
  • Keep OT always neat and tidy and ready for next use at any given time.
  • Taking care of the entire fine, costly instruments.
  • Maintain records in the system and Log Books.
  • Any unusual incident happens pertaining to patient /OT personnel must report to senior staff on duty/supervision and fill the form for necessary action to be taken.
  • Indenting of equipments and instruments of surgeries
  • Specific teaching activities, managed by the specialists, in accordance with the individual needs of the hospital.
  • Perform administrative duties including creating schedules, maintaining adequate supplies and informing staff of changes to protocol.
  • Document the performance of nurses, perform evaluations and counsel nurses on unsatisfactory performance. In addition meet with upper management to discuss personnel and administrative issues and address and solve problems among staff.
  • Document and evaluate the performance of the nurses under their supervision


Pre-OP Hold:

  • Check the pre-op hold area for the following – trolleys, suction, Central gases, Vacuum and Record papers.
  • Call for the patients as per the OT list schedule, at least half hour prior to the scheduled time.
  • Special enquiry about the arrangement of blood and the availability.
  • Complete all your records. Report at once if any discrepancies noticed.


Skill Sets:

Nursing Skill & Organizing Skills

  • Plan & Organize patient requirement.
  • Read OT procedures and policies to enhance self education& skill.
  • Perform a wide variety of supervisory responsibilities like daily rounds & follow up’s.
  • Provide holistic/ Comprehensive patient care.
  • Ability to care out daily briefing, to junior reporting nurses about patient’s/ their relatives, supplies, new items added to the unit/ department.


Communication Skills

  • Ability to communicate with patient & their relatives needs ( Ability to listen).
  • Ability to explain & clarify doubts of the patient & their relatives.
  • To be able to coordinate & work with multi-ethnic workforce.
  • Ability to coordinate & with billing & other departments.
  • Answering queries & telephone cells.
  • Ability to communicate patient’s complaints to concerned authority & eliminate patient’s problem.
  • Document in detail & inform team- members of any unusual event.
  • Ability to handle anxious relative’s by giving information about the  time/length of operation.
  • Inform patient’s relatives sitting in the Companion room about operation progress.
  • Weekly department meeting for information sharing.


Team Orientation Skills

  • Ability to motivate team to achieve goals.
  • Patient Admission.
  • Patient Discharge.
  • Patient Transfer.
  • Housekeeping.
  • Maintenance.
  • Environmental Hygiene/ Housekeeping.


Emotional Maturity

  • Ability to handle & calm, an emotionally sad, depressed, anxious patients & their relatives.
  • bility to calm patients who fear OT, procedures, equipment.


          Computer Skills

·                    Computer data entry- operation (HIS ).

·                    Billing for the patient.

·                    Maintain operation module.

·                    Maintain MMS module.


Other Skills

  • Have an affinity for teamwork.
  • Able to work accurately and with minimal supervision.
  • Technical skills required for using and maintaining the various equipment's and the computer.
  • Ability to comprehend written instructions given by the Doctors and the other related departmental personnel.
  • Ability to plan & organize ones work schedule effectively.
  • Speaking and listening are essential requirements to understand and carry out 



Preferred Education

GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery)BSc NursingDGNM (Diploma in General Nursing and Mid Wifery)

Key Skills

Attention to DetailCommunicationOT InchargeProblem Solving Skills

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