Orthopedic Doctor

Orthopedic Doctor

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RC Memorial Hospital, Pali

time outline iconPali, Rajasthan, India

Posted on 23-02-2024


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  • Nearest railway station - falna
  • We have recently inaugurated this 100 beded multi-speciality hospital and looking forward to add specialties.
  • Evaluate patients with musculoskeletal injuries and conditions through comprehensive history-taking, physical examination, and interpretation of diagnostic imaging studies.
  • Formulate accurate diagnoses and develop individualized treatment plans tailored to each patient's specific needs, goals, and preferences, incorporating both non-surgical and surgical interventions as appropriate.
  • Perform a wide range of orthopedic surgical procedures, including but not limited to joint replacement surgeries (e.g., knee replacement, hip replacement), arthroscopic surgeries, fracture fixation, spine surgery, and soft tissue procedures.
  • Utilize advanced surgical techniques, equipment, and technologies to optimize surgical outcomes, minimize complications, and expedite patient recovery.
  • Provide preoperative counseling to patients and their families, explaining the surgical procedure, expected outcomes, potential risks and complications, and postoperative rehabilitation protocols.
  • Coordinate perioperative care with anesthesia providers, surgical team members, and other healthcare professionals to ensure safe and effective management of surgical patients.
  • Manage postoperative care, including monitoring patients' recovery progress, addressing postoperative complications, and facilitating rehabilitation and physical therapy to promote optimal functional outcomes.


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DNB Orthopedics

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